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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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: dealer >>megyn: i will be off next week but i wish and you your loved ones a very merry christmas. and "studio b" starts right now. >> thanks, this is "studio b" today, the president today tapping senator john kerry to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state in the experts say he will not face much opposition.
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details ahead. plus, the head of the n.r.a. making the first public statement since the sandy hook elementary school shooting amid protests there. his plea to put armed guards inside schools coming up. >> the united states marine held in mexico for an technique gun set to walk through today. all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00, president obama revealing his choice to be the next secretary of state today nominating senator john kerry to that job. many analysts had already called it washington's worst kept secret. if confirmed senator john kerry takes on a key role in the national security team during the second term. senator john kerry would replace the current secretary of state, hillary clinton, who will step down early next year. this afternoon, president obama calling senator kerry an
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exemplary public servant. >> we turn the page on a decade of war he knows we have to harness american power and ensure they work telling, diplomatic and development, economic and political, military and intelligence, as well as the power of our values which inspire so many people around the world. >>gregg: john kerry has chaired the senate foreign relations committee for six years after his failed presidential bid in 2004. wendell is like at the white house. any sign of a fight over senate confirmation or is this a foregone conclusion? >>reporter: you are right, it is a foregone conclusion. the senate is a close knit group and he has been there 20 years. he will not need on the job training and he called on lawmakers to confirm him quickly. >> he has earned the respect and trust of senate colleagues democrat and republican. few individuals know as many presidents and prime ministers, or grasp our foreign policies as
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firmly as john kerry. >>reporter: he has been an unofficial emissary for president obama in egypt, pakistan, and sudan, and the speech at the democratic convention in 2004 when he was running for president launched the country president's national career. >>gregg: and ambassador susan rice withdrew her name over the problem over benghazi. >>reporter: several republican senators said today they still have questions about what the president and secretary clinton knew of security at consulate and the attack and when did they know it. they called today for a defense department study to decide whether there should be marines posted at more installations and they said secretary clinton who did not testify this week on capitol hill should testify before john kerry is confirmed. >> i want someone to ask
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secretary clinton, why didn't you go on tv september 16 when ambassador rice says that secretary clinton wasn't available because she was sick and giving grief counseling, and i want to see if that withstands scrutiny. >>reporter: despite the criticism in the wake of benghazi attack no republicans indicated they will vote against confirming john kerry. >>gregg: thank you, when we talk more about this, chris wall has, what does john kerry bring to the post? >>chris: tremendous experience as wendell said, 27 years in the senate, and he has longed if the job for a long-term. there was talk four years ago before president obama shocked the world by picking hillary clinton he could have gotten the post then. he has been a student of foreign policy as the president said. he has been all over the world
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meeting with all kinds of phone leaders. he has been a personal envoy for president obama. in fact, there were many times when he started carrying out the personally diplomacy on with of the president with karzai, the president of afghanistan, and karzai preferred it deal with john kerry than to dealing with the official ambassador there. he has a lot of credibility, a lot of contacts, and, obviously, the confidence of the president. >>gregg: he urge add in fly zone with john mccain in libya which you expect him to push more aggressive foreign policy? >>chris: some suggested, some conservatives suggested maybe we should not have opposed susan rice because she could be more of an intervention secretary of state than john kerry will be. kerry, of course, having his positions, i guess, most famously, being for the iraq war before he was against it.
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i'm not sure that he will satisfy all republicans in that sense. having said that, as wendell referenced, the senate is a club, and he is a member in good standing of that club and i think there will be absolutely in problem of his winning confirmation. >>gregg: this opens the senate seat. what do you make of that? >>chris: scott brown won the special election back in 2009 or early 2010, for kennedy's seat, he can run in the special election if the john kerry seat. he, of course, was defeated in november by elizabeth warren but according to a recent poll yesterday in boston, he leads a generic unnamed democrat by ten points. he would be the favorite to take back that seat if republicans, but, you know, the white house
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went out to the governor of massachusetts and said, are there some democrat whose can run for this seat and give scott brown a fight and he said yes so it is not a "give me." but he is the favorite. >>gregg: chris, i want to change topics to the fiscal cliff. republicans and democrats, today, headed home for christmas break without any compromise. that means automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts locking increasingly likely on john 1. last night, house speaker boehner had to cancel a vote on his own plan "b" deficit reduction strategy after a stunning failure to gather enough republican support. that has some political analysts wondering about future of the house speaker's leadership role on capitol hill, but, today, speaker boehner tried to shift the pressure back to president obama regardless some house republicans are accusing speaker boehner of caving in to the president. mike is live on capitol hill. mike, what now?
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>> well, clearly the speaker's talks with president obama take on more meaning at this point with time running out as the economy is headed for the fiscal cliff. we saw the speaker leash -- leaving the capitol and it was not clear if he was headed home for christmas to ohio or a meeting but there is ament of pressure on those talks to produce a result. earlier the speaker explained what he was trying to do with the plan "b". >> at some point the united states senate has to do something. something. what we were trying to do this week was to jump start, trying to kick into gear, some action by the senate to avert the tax increases going into effect john 1st. >> there is blame game going on, you have the senate majority leader harry reid pointing the finger at speaker boehner say that was a political stunt, plan
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"b" saying it was a waste of a week of critical time. bottom line, the discussions between the white house and top leaders on capitol hill need to go somewhere in a hurry. >>gregg: recrimination is a blood sport on capitol hill so we will see. speaker boehner, is his job on the line after the failure of his plan "b"? >> i have talked to numerous rank and file republicans who strongly back speaker boehner to be speaker of the house. the timing is not great because if he wishes to continue on in the next congress he needs to win re-election as house speaker so there is public humiliation, timing could have been better on that front. bottom line, a fellow ohio republican has his back. >> it is not repudiation of the leadership, this is the wording 50 knuckle heads all year, the entire congress, have screwed this place up.
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so, he has done everything this his power to make nice to them to bring them along, to make them feel included. but it hasn't mattered. >>gregg: he made a threat referring to the tea party colleagues so, we do not expect that he will be getting a christmas card from those colleagues any time soon. >>gregg: unless it has the birthday clown on it, thank you mike emanuel. >> the fiscal cliff mess could take a serious toll on our 401(k) retirement accounts and a trader saying the optimism on wall street is evaporating. the dow is down 142 points and change but it has been down more than 100 points all day long. now the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. chris, react to the chuckle head comment by the congressman that it is the same group of obstructionist in the republican party. is that true?
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or does it say something largerf john boehner? >>chris: both. boehner, since the 2010 election, he has to be happy because it swept him back in power in the majority of the house of representatives but he has had to deal with a portion of the caucus, a lot of the freshmen elected with the support of the tea party who have made life difficult. they want to go further to the right than he has been anxious to go. when he tried in a case like this, or in the debt field, in the summer of 2011, to make some kind of an accommodation, a compromise, which, obviously, involves some give-and-take compromise, they have been unwilling to go along. he could lose 25 votes and there are more than 25 of them and since the democrats were all going do vote against this plan "b" when he lost more than 25 of his own caucus, that was it.
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the plan "b" was dead. >>gregg: harry reid is saying it is up to boehner and harry reid and mcconnell changing barbs, but hear says it -- harry reid saying it is up to the president and speaker boehner. >>chris: the ball goes to the president and harry reid and see what the democrats can do. they necessity they will have to deal with a difficult republican majority in the house of representatives that isn't in the mood for compromise and would go against the wishes of their speaker. they is to have a land if there is a chance of avoiding the cliff that has enough painful spending cuts and they may not want to do that. they would say to republicans, you do not want to raise taxes on anyone, we don't want to make the spending cuts and that is the deal. it has to be a compromise that both sides hate h is another name, the republican leader,
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mcconnell, he doesn't have the votes to be able to make anything happen. he has the votes do block something in the senate. he is a parliamentary master. in some of the cases he has been the guy who has been able to untie the knots and find the deal to be made. i would not look for him to be on the side lanes next week. >>gregg: thank you, chris wall has, for the insights. have a good weekend. fox news sunday is on the fox broadcast network this weekend with republican senator brasso, and democrat senator conrad set to talk about the fiscal cliff and the passpastor and author rick warren here to talk, as well. >> coming up, a proposal to put armed guards in every school in america, a proposal by the head of the n.r.a., and he made that
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proposal during a news conference today. first, bells ringing 28 times in shattered newtown, connecticut, 27 times for the innocent lives lost. once to the shooter himself as the nation marks one week. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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country took part in a moment of silence for the victims. >>gregg: some churches rang the bells 26 times for each person the begin man shot inside the school and others ran their bells 28 times to include the gunman and his mother. the white house says that president obama observed the moment of silence privately sending out a message on twitter which reads and i quote, "20 beautiful children and six remarkable adults. together we will carry on and make our country worthy of their memory." rick is live in newtown, connecticut, with more. rick? >> connecticut's governor was the first call for the moment of silence and for the church to ring their bells 26 times and the episcopal diocese urged churches to toll the bells 28
12:18 pm
times to include nancy lanza and her son, adam, saying we should pray for all souls especially those who need it most. the trinity episcopal church in newtown did just that. after the bells tolled, the funerals resumed here, five more of them today, two teachers and three children remembered and laid to remember including 29 -year-old and 56-year-old who spent 20 years at sandy hook elementary school and was going to retire next year and two six-year-olds, and a seven-year-old remembered here in sandy hook today described as adorable and full of life, the love and light of her family. >>gregg: the secret memorial for the gunman's mother, nancy lanza? >>reporter: her body was quietly claimed by relatives in new hampshire and there was a private funeral yesterday where her brother recently retired
12:19 pm
from the police department. we are told security was very tight at the service. we are also told her son, adam, his body was claimed but in word on whether a funeral has been held for him. in the meantime, the a.t.f. raided a connecticut gun store yesterday that sold her a weapon, which was stolen from that shop and that was in east windsor connecticut last saturday but it was not the only reason for the raid. >>gregg: thank you from newtown, connecticut, thank you. the head of the n.r.a. bloke his silence with another call to put armed police officers in every school across the land, a national rifle association chief executive said today his organization remains silent in the days after the shooting out of respect. he accused his critics of exploiting the tragedy for political gain. he suggested that an armed guard could have potentially stopped the shooter.
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>> what if, when adam lanza started shooting his way into sandy hook elementary school last friday he had been confronted by qualified we armed security? will you at least admit it is possible that 26 little kids, the 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day? >>gregg: he made similar arguments after the virginia tech miser that killed 32 people. survivors and relatives of the victims of another recent mass shooting at a movie theater in aurora, colorado, called on lawmakers to take steps to prevent gun violence. >> the most ardent gun supporters have always recognized it is about keeping the guns out of dangerous people. if you respect law-abiding
12:21 pm
citizens' right to own firearms it only works if you do have a way of keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and dangerous folks. >>gregg: new york mayor issued a statement calling the proposal a "shameful evasion of the crisis facing our country." james has the news live from washington, dc. james, as fox reported this week, the n.r.a. sought to broaden the we dialogue beyond gun control? >>reporter: in bushing back against the gun control lobby, he launched a defense of gun ownership asking why we sanction the use of guns do protect politicians in sports stadium but not our school children and at the same time he offered a searing indictment of violent movies and video games and the corporations that profit. >> isn't fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks, isn't that really
12:22 pm
the filthest form of pornography in a race to the bottom, they compete with each other to shock, violate, and offend every standard of civilized society by bringing in more toxic mix of reckless behavior and criminal cruelty right into our homes. >>reporter: he was interrupted by protesters. >>gregg: there is no common ground between the two sides; there? >>reporter: it doesn't seem like it and leading democrats called this statement irrationale to suggest armed guards could deter killers like adam lanza. >> it is the opposite direction americans want us to move in. they want us to look at this as it pertains to the issues of guns and who has access to them. >>reporter: the next shoe drops in the gun control debate.
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>>gregg: james, thank you. next, the doomsday dud. wait for it.
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>>gregg: hope you didn't sell the house or quit your job because the world has not come to an end. not yet. that is despite the predictions from some people interpreting the mayan calendar which ends december 21, 2012. instead, folks around the world decided to celebrate the ancient mayan site held a festival today marking the end of an old era and the beginning of a new scam. >> we wanted to see how others saw the situation and how they reacted to it, and clearly a lot of people are here to see this
12:27 pm
but we were pretty sure everything was going to be okay. >>gregg: we will have to go back home and keep paying our taxes and lord knows we do plenty of that. jonathan hunt is here with me now. jonathan, it seems -- did you feel that? >>jonathan: i did. >>greg: things are shaking around here. it turned out to be pointless. >>jonathan: but no party is pointless, i would argue. certainly that was what was on the minds of everyone i saw stumbling into and out of the end of the world parties here in new york city last night. the big it parties was across the pond, the ancient site of stonehenge in southern england where a man glorying in the title of king arthur dragon druid said it was anything but
12:28 pm
pointless. >> we believe in cycles. we believe everything is in cycles. so the end of winner a is the beginning of a new one. if there is one thing good about coming to the end of time is that this is nothing written beyond that and we are, indeed, masters of our own destiny so make it count. >>neil: if you wonder why i left england and came to the united states... >> only in great britain would you fine king of the druids. >>jonathan: we talked to you about one town in turkey which according to the mayans was going to be the only places on earth where you could provide, population normally 600 and yesterday quite a few thousand, so, all of those people who paid all of that pun to get there, and i am sure the hotel rights were bumped up, can you imagine, necessity could have stayed here and had a drink with me.
12:29 pm
>>gregg: the mayans never predicted the end of the world, it is a big scam to sell books and rip people off. it reminds me of the poet rock. millions of people bought a pet and they spent $3 or $4 boying a >>jonathan: i still have one. i am a fan of pet rocks. it was a scam? >>gregg: you have proved the old saying a sucker is born every minute. stick around, pal, i got more for you. >> potentially great news today for a former u.s. marine who has been chained to a bed in a notorious mexican prison. word that he is going to be released today with a live report on the situation across the border. and major headaches for all the folks who could be trying to get a jump start on the holiday traveling. the forecast is ahead.
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>> a former marine has been jailed in mexico and will walk free today. hopefully. according to his parents and several american lawmakers. john hammer has been reportedly in one of mexico's most notorious prisons here he is chained to the bed. the prison is packed with drug cartel killers and smuggler whose control the joint. the mexican police arrested hammer after he tried to cross the border with a rifle. the gun is reportedly an technique and only an inch shorter than legally allowed in mexico. now, steve, what do we know of hammar's release in. >> we heard from a number of different sources including his mother and father and the mexican attorney and his congresswoman, they all expect him to be released. it is ruled that his constitutional rights were
12:34 pm
violated and he had no criminal intent in bringing that weapon across the border. his own father, jon hammar left this morning to be on the texas sides of the border and will meet his son there when he crosses over and the two plan to drive home to miami miami when he crosses the border. >>gregg: any idea what shape he is in? >>reporter: it is a tough prison and it hold as number of cartel leaders inside. part of the time the four months he was in the prison he was chained to a bed inside a storage room and he received a number of threats and his family received extortion threats saying that jon hammar would be killed and this is likely the opposite he planned on, a relaxing surf vacation after nine months of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in combat operations in both afghanistan and iraq. >>gregg: thank you, steve, from south florida.
12:35 pm
now, we have robert young pelton the author of "the world's most dangerous places." is this one of the most dangerous places? >>guest: yes, mexican jails are very dangerous if you don't have the permission and protection of the people who run the jail which are typically the criminals. >>gregg: by all accounts this appears to be an incredibly trumped up charge by the mexicans. i say that because they may have tough gun laws there, but don't they try to lure hunters into mexico as a hunting paradise? >>guest: mexico has tough gun laws and they slacked off a little bit and promoted things like dove hunting and antelope hunting. usually you should have a guide handle all the paperwork for your weapon but you can get caught to something as easy as a pocket knife. you can go to jail for up to five years if you are caught with a pocketknife.
12:36 pm
>>gregg: while hing what there his life was threaten in a midnight extortion attempt from prison. >>guest: you have to pay if protection so when you go into a mexican prison you will notice some of the cells have mirrors and drapes and nice furniture and those are the cartel leaders that own the prison and you have to pay each month for protection or you get beat up. he was kept in a storage room was for his protection. they keep new american prisoners in the sick ward or away from the general population. >>gregg: last question, it appears as though he was misled by u.s. border patrol agent whose said, here is your permit all you have to do is fill it out and you are okay. >>guest: the technicality was the shotgun was 1 itch shorter than the legal requirement but it is a very serious offense if you carry a gun or are caught with a gun inside america so if
12:37 pm
you hunt, have your guide set up all the paperwork. >>gregg: good to see you. jonathan, jake carney was oblivious this was happening. you would think the we commander in chief would know about a war hero, two wars and it appears that jake carney knew nothing about it. >>jonathan: you have to ask, what do u.s. officials owe the heros? there is another marine, former marine, who is 31, he has been missing in syria, and he is now a journalist, freelancing for the "washington post" among others, missing in syria since august 13, as far as i am aware and i have not heard anything other than the state department say they were in touch once with the syrian government but no idea where he is. >>gregg: fox weather alert. the latest deadly storm has smacked the upper midwest with a foot of snow and it is
12:38 pm
triggering a sly of delays at the airport on the major holiday travel day and if you are trying to drive through the storm good luck. you can see how the blizzard conditions forced cars and trucks to kid off the roads and a state patrol captain has advise. for the holidays folks want to hit the roads early and if you could delay it by a day that would be great. it will be a time before things are cleaned up. >>gregg: more than 1,000 flights were canceled and we see fewer cancellations today but plenty of delays. we go like to o'hare in moments but, first, rick is standing by in the weather center. where is the storm headed now? rick: it is moving offshore. all the pictures you were seeing were from yesterday. the roads today look better. these are the snow fall totals, in wisconsin, right around madison, that is the bull's eye of the heaviest snow, the big it snow fall total, 20", storm,
12:39 pm
now, dealing with rain still across parts of new england and now we have cold air moving behind it so it moves over the great lakes and you can see the snow that will stick with us for the weekend because the cold air mass will be here and the wind will continue, so we have winter storm warnings in effect and anything downwind lake erie and lake michigan is where we will see the storm winding down, and conditions improving as we work through the weekend. >>gregg: there is the potential for more nasty weather on the west coast? rick: we had 20" of rain in northern california and new we have a number of storms, and we will deal with 7" to 8" of rain and 6' of mountain snow and the storms if the weekend, will be bottled up across northern california and southern oregon and not moving inland.
12:40 pm
we will see some of this energy across the central plains on tuesday, so, christmas day, hopefully everyone is already hope and places like oklahoma and arkansas could be looking at a white christmas on tuesday. >>neil: how about that. thank you, rick. as we mentioned the bad weather is making if difficult holiday traveling, and messy highways out there, and night delays, just days before christmas, and mike tolan is live at chicago's o'hare. what is the situation? >>reporter: the worst of the delays are behind us. the big board shows "on time" and "on time." thank lake michigan. it turns a lot of warm up up and the storm became rain and we did not get significant snow in chicago. you have crowds here and people are waiting in line but that is because 200,000 people are going through the airport. the airlines planned for it. if you are going over the river and through the woods to
12:41 pm
grandmother's house you cannot blame o'hare and midway is cooking along. >>gregg: thank you, like, from chicago. you are not going home to mother england, are you jonathan? >>jonathan: i will be here because i don't want to run into king arthur. >>gregg: a massive blast wiped out an entire neighborhood and now we know, no accident, prosecutors are charging several people with murder and that is next. and syria, again, turning deadly missiles on their own citizens atop nato commander saying it is a sign the regime is on the brink of collapse.
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>>gregg: moments ago congress approved the final decision of the defense authorization bill authorizing $633 billion in defense spending and tightening sanctions on iran over the nuclear program and beefing up
12:45 pm
security at u.s. embassies in the senate, 81-14, so don't say they don't do anything. i guess they have done something. >> the f.b.i. reports it has captured one of two fugitives who escaped from a chicago high-rise jailhouse using a 200' long rope made of bed shoots. they managed to breakthrough bars and windows and climbed down 20 stories. agents caught joseph bangs on the north side, and he was in court for a hearing on the escape. kenneth is still at large, and he is considered dangerous. >> the prosecution has charge add homeowner, her boyfriend and a brother, his brother, with murder in a massive house explosion that killed an indianapolis couple and decimate ed the neighbor. it is believed intentional and caused by natural gas. the homeowner attorney says she and her boyfriend were away at a
12:46 pm
casino when it happened last month. >> nato reporting an increasingly desperate syrian regime has continued to fire scud-type missiles against its own people. the nato secretary says this move proves the regime is nearing its end. the syrian foreign minister denied that syria has used scuds and called the reports untrue rumors and the united states and others sending missile defense systems near turkey's border with syria and more than 1,000 troops. now we have director of research for the foreign policy program at brookings institution. great to see you. is the use of these ballistic missiles, and they are scuds, but the other kinds of missiles are using cluster bombs reported in the "new york times" today so does this suggest they are getting desperate? >>guest: really, i like that skepticism you had earlier on this package.
12:47 pm
yes, it does, but it doesn't mean that collapse is imminent. this is a horrible weapon to use in this battle. the scuds have an inaccuracy of several hundred meters so that means you combine that with a cluster of ammunition or another warhead and you will be killing a lost innocent people and that is sort of the obvious intent of the weapons. there is no two ways around it. humanitarian terms and military terms it is catastrophic and devastating. on the other hand, does it really mean that assad is about to lose? i am not so sure. mainly he is targeting whole populations he things have turned against him. he realized this is a fight to the bitter end for survival. this could look a lot like the war in bosnia where this kind of horrific violence continues for two or three years. >>gregg: it took a while before bill clinton pulled the trigger and sent in troops n assad is using scud ballistic missiles would he use chemical
12:48 pm
weapons? >>guest: i don't think he would have a moral reason not to and president obama's declaration that is a red line that would come into play. whether he is happy he made that commitment if it came to that he would be obliged to do something and we would become the air force if the syrian opposition. that is how it would play out and then at that point assad's days are numbers much more quickly than maybe the case right now. so high guess is assad you will not use the chemical weapon to keep us out of the war not because of morals. >>gregg: how organized are the rebels? >>guest: increasingly strong but not agod. it is probably many dozen if not a couple hundred groups of fighters. sure, there are some that are more important than others and maybe a dozen or so key figures in the opposition but i like the way you ask that, it is not an organized group.
12:49 pm
we are trying hard to make them be more organized and there are the umbrella organizations that try to have them talk to each other but in terms of the tactics and how they are fighting, it is a lot of little battles all over the country. that makes it harder to bring to an end. >>gregg: if this is a security vacuum what should the united states do? >>guest: the hardest question of all, we have to gradually step up support for the opposition, try to make them work better together and, perhaps, get them a little bit heavier weaponry. beyond that i am afraid the war will play out to some extent like the war if bosnia and we are in for another ugly year ahead. >>gregg: thank you, michael. you said, jonathan, a rebel leader did not have great works? >>jonathan: the newly appointed chief staff said this week "we are disunited, we are disorganized," they can only fix that themselves but what he
12:50 pm
wanted from us was more weapons. >>gregg: you cannot send someone a message on facebook unless you are "friends" but that could change for the price of a buck. coming up. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>>gregg: a teamer that gives users a message to friend non-friends for a dollar and now routes messages from non-friends to another folder but it guarantees for a buck that the emergency hits the inbox. analysts say this proves facebook is looking for new ways to appease investors seeking a return on their investment. this comes after a major back lack over instagram plan to sell
12:54 pm
user pictures to add very -- advertisers. we have. >> their "rethinking reputation how p.r. trumps manneringing in advertising in the new media world." great to see you, fraser. so, this is the thing that happened when a company goes public. >>guest: you face the eternal conflict between staying pure to your users and rewarding your shareholders. in facebook's case the stock has lost half of the value, or did lose half of the value since the i.p.o. and although it has come back it is down a third. zuckerberg is on the long and painful road from idealist to capitalist. he has to monetize the company. >>gregg: he is going over to the dark side. listen, does the service make sense to read the hard to reach
12:55 pm
people? >>guest: what it makes sense if you are looking if a client and you want do get through to a client's inbox or you are looking for a potential employer or looking to network, that is where it makes sense. what he has to watch, first, the potential revenue from this "test" and, also, to assess the p.r. fallout that could ensue because he has a problem with another service called instagram which is a photo sharing service where they were going to sell your own photos to advertisers and there was a social media beat down and kim kardashian complained and zuckerberg understands you do not tug on superman's cape and you do not mess with kim kardashian and the users so he has to be careful. >>gregg: do you worry about another motive? >>guest: absolutely. they are trying to get as many credit card numbers on their service as they can to sell to
12:56 pm
retailers. the bottom line when you are a public company, is the bottom line. >>gregg: you answer to a different set of folks. >>guest: people like me who own the stock. >>gregg: nice. and you probably bought it on the day of sale. >>guest: i probably did. >>gregg: you are only down a third. >>guest: thank you. >>gregg: fraser, thank you. big news for kids and adult whose cannot stand eating brussel brusselsprouts. a man overdosed on the vegetables and that sent him to the hospital. i few which was a reason i hate brusselsprouts. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these signs and symptoms to your doctor if they occur. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >>gregg: and before we call the it a day, kids may now have a real reason, and adults, to turn up their noses at brussel spouts, eating too many can be dangerous. doctors say a man was hoit


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